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Logo Design.

I recieved an SOS from a friend of a friend to help design a logo and wider business brand for a new Japanese ethical mainly fish resturaunt that will open aroud August in Hampshire. I won't name it fully here as it's not my place to. The text underneath the fish monoprint art work is random but illustrates the style in Japanese style we have agreed on. The fish is final and agreed. My payment will be made in proper good Japanese food. I was offered money but as it's a friend of a very dear friend, just feed me! I will update this blog entry when I'm allowed to post more info. What I will say though, is that this dude was a chef at Chewton Glenn. They've got rosette awards. Gotta be good!

Simple but appealing I reckon. Nice blue. 



#fish #logo #blue #food #resturaunt #Romsey #grub

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