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I went wamblin'

That's ... er .... rambling. 

I revisted a place I needed to rediscover and walk it without any negative distractions and provocations around me.

This time I went with my friend Laura and her dog Bazza. We walked deep into the wilds and spent 14 hours exploring, talking, laughing, debating serious stuff, eating monster munch, drinking tea, playing silly buggers with Bazza, letting go of negative stuff, breathing in positive new energy and we both healed a little bit, mentally, spiritually. Simply by being out in and with nature and by being open and brutally honest with each other and ourselves. Hanging out with proper close good trustworthy mates is a gift, a blessing. Theraputic fun. 

I have discovered the real Mark again. He got lost in the dark for a few years. 

I see the light. 

I have never been more gratefull to my few real mates who have been beacons of hope.


#bpd #depression #boscombebpd #eupd #mentalhealth #goodfriends #thankyou

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