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New gargoyle commission started.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Early phases, measuring, cutting and initial roughing out.

Cut and rough out.

I'm hardly finding any time to crack on with this one. However, today I spent an hour begining phase two. Refining certain details a step further. I hope to find more time Wedneday evening.

This particular block is a bit of a stubborn character. Lots of brittle hard bits and bubbles in it, so I'm having to let the material be the guide to an extent and work around its own dynamic.

Cuts like a bitch.

Really starting to dig out the features now.

The brain and lamp housing in progress.

Side features, or horns or whatever they are.

Next phase (s) :

Been a slow burn this project. Life gets in the way!

Start applying layers and layers of paint and PVA. Layers!

While layering paint colours I have had the opportunity to experiment with techniques and styles. They'll all be covered up and ripped apart soon to achieve what I want to achieve but I have learned a few things about how different types of paint react with each other for future reference.

More colour and different types of paint being added to later attain the desired effect through cutting back and distressing the layers.

Also. Carving more appendages to be added soon.

I must start thinking about carving it's base which will be a hand on which it rests.


And here they are, or some of them, appendage carving detail soon to be layered in paints.

Tricky little fuckers to carve and assemble.

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