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Kind old fella in Ringwood.

This illustration is of a kind old fella called Jack from Ringwood, sketched in the corner of The London Tavern in Poulner on a wet cold week day. I got talking to this guy randomly over several Ringwood brewery Forty Niner real ale, both getting quite slowly drunk, like you do.

He saw me sketching in my sketchbook and took an interest and asked me to sketch him and so I did.

He looks like an old professor but is in fact a retired truck driver and ex army. His one blind eye forced him into retirement from driving. In my opinion, he's a professor of life, educated at the University of hard knocks. Very wise dude.

He swore a lot. Almost as much me. F"*!ing distinguishing! Good man. Hence the square box I drew over his mouth when I got home. I need one of them.

Drawing posed people out and about. That's a big deal for me as I am very shy about these things outside of a classroom environment or at home. Even then I tend to hide away and keep it all "secret".

I've been practising being more open about this stuff and I find it excruciatingly difficult. If I'm not relaxed and free and easy with my drawing marks, I just create shit. If I'm in a that chilled out no stress place, I can draw. I guess beer helps!

I will draw Jack again. I'm relaxed around him. He's my friend now (Mwahahahahaha ...)

I drew this guy and then I played with it and added colour later at home because this Jack fella is a colourful character and definitely not black and white. So I addressed that one.

I'll scan more proper people sketches soon when I time.

Another blog entry done. Good. I have flu and I can't be bothered to do anything. So go me.

Right. Go away.


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