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Therapie Tue Weh ....

So, I am sat in Christchurch .......... NO! I agree with Mike! Sentences should never be started with so.

So, stop it!

I've been in Christchurch waiting around for a "therapy" appointment, going back over some DBT and CBT stuff, because I'm mad.

Sat in Christchchurch or "Xchurch" as I see some heretics call it. NOOO, stop, that as well! Anyway, Christchurch. Sat around, waiting, drinking moooore coffee and I find myself doodling my nonsense as per.

The mess below is what subconsciously/consciously manifested on the days page.

Still some anger there. Rather a lot, actually.

Something about snakes. You gotta watch out for those snakes. They have no warmth, empathy or feelings. Real snakes are okay though. The long wriggly ones. I like them. Human snakes are the really venomous fuckers. Anyway, moving along ....

More German badly translated and a bit back to front, I only realised after checking it online. Oh well. I'll keep at it. Never was the brightest spark.

What else?

Shoes. I was watching some ladies cackling and screeching like excited owls in the corner, all wearing bizarre heeled shoes. And clothes too. They weren't wearing JUST shoes. Just sayin'. I drew the shoes, to a fashion. My mad observing wide eyed staring at there ankles freaked the screech owls a bit I think. All in the name of art though. Worth it.

Blokes. I sketched those two fellas at the bottom of the page very differently. The beardy looking geezer is from a flyer that was on the wall advertising walking boots and he stayed still for me but the other fishy looking chap was a real guy on his own in the coffee shop drinking and coughing and not staying still. Hence more bad drawing.

A cat. Have you spotted the cat? I was thinking about cats. I love cats. Beautiful creatures. I have 3 of them. Yep. Now you know. Who ever you are.

Birds. I'm not entirely sure why was sketching birds again but I think that was subconscious thing related to the snake. This is how it works. It comes out through the tip of my pen. Better out than in.

Kids and balloons. They were outside walking by with their little old jolly Grandmother. To quick to sketch correctly hence the blacked out mistakes. Balloons though! Who doesn't like balloons? Only weirdos. And my cats.

For some demented reason I decided to flick a load of green tea over it at home to see what effect I could create. A mess. I created a mess. It works though I feel. Green tea is good. See above.

And that's it folks. Super stuff eh?

I know it's not. But that's all I got today. Bada bing bada boom.

Right, off you fuck. :) x

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