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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

As I keep stating in this blog that no body reads, in my chill time I like to hit a coffee shop. I hide in the dark corners and lurk, I people watch, eaves drop, translate conversations into snippets of German that I am still learning despite hating fucking Germans at the moment, I find the language fascinating, so using my little German book and of course, google, I learn the language while sketching . I draw what I see, to a fashion anyway, write down what I hear as part of the sketch, in my incorrectly translated kraut way and create some mess on a page.

I do this for fun.

Good. Now fuck off.


Messy random Rubbish.

#sketching #outsiderart #Boscombe #Bournemouth #MentalHealth #BPD #Noisyhead #mindfulness #meditation

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