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People. No Filter. Learn German.

As I keep stating in this blog that no body reads, in my chill time I like to hit a coffee shop. I hide in a corner, people watch, eaves drop, translate conversations into snippets of German in a bid to learn more of that language because I find it fascinating , using my little German book and of course, google. I draw what I see, to a fashion anyway, write down what I hear as part of the sketches, in the incorrectly translated kraut and create some mess on a page.

I do this for fun and I do this for mindfulness and escape fro mental clatter in my broken brain. Sometimes though, my filters do not work and simply can not filter out the background noises at all, the people talking, kids screaming, dogs barking, the freezer in the corner buzzing away, the traffic outside or the cutlery clanking against each other in the cafe. It's hard work. Hell in fact some times. On these days, my dodgy little sketches and observations became even more erratic and dense and, well, messy. But it does give me some degree of focus.

Having said that, if I can not settle my mind at all by drawing, them I'll head off to the beach, forest, grave yard or park or somewhere quiet with my bike and camera. I should try that first really. But I like drawing.

This sketch was on a noisy head no filter day hence the shit drawing and mess. But is a reflection of my head on that day for an hour.

So, there you go. How exciting for you to read this. ;)


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