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Pretend homeless scammers.

I hate most people as it is (no I don't, yes I do, no I don't ..... I don't), however today I reserve the brunt of my people related annoyance for the scummy pretend homeless "tramps" that sit outside MC D and the BosVegas shop in Boscanistan. Y'know ... Boscombe! Scallywags. The Scaliban of Boscanistan.

These blagging parasites give those poor people who are genuinely homeless and on their arses and in need of help from wherever, whenever and from whomever they can get it, a really really unfair name and shit deal. I have no beef with anyone who find themselves at rock bottom and have no choice but to ask for help, ask for change or food, because they have no choice in that moment. Not a good place to be. I've been there.

They may be begging for extra funds to feed an addiction problem. They may be under pressure from some kind of pimp to beg money for an organised professional begging racket. A skinny toe rag scummy looking guy does turn up from time to time and he collects their money. I've seen this happen a few times now. Blatant and arrogantly. There will be no doubt, some dark unfortunate hidden issues going on here. Nothing is ever straight forward and for that reason I temper my venom in this blog post. Who am I to judge anyone? I'm not.

But! But it does grind my gears to bear witness to this bullshit begging, lies, pretend sob stories and doey eyed manipulation. This is indicative of a huge wider problem related to organised begging.

Locals are clicking on to the fact that they, the girls falsely begging, have a deception act and that they are not homeless at all and that they don't need money for the night shelter or bus or emergency phone call or any of the other shite they spew in order to collect kind hearted peoples money all day/evening long.

And as a result, people stop giving charity to anyone, so the genuinely needy and destitute get a bad wrap because of immoral, unscrupulous, bullshiting blaggards.

The genuinely homeless are hard up against it as it is without these lazy pretenders.

I've been watching them.

I'll shut up now.

M :)

P.S. : Help the homeless.

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