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Been sat in those coffee shops again, doodling outsider art type stuff.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

If I'm not at work or in the pub or sat at home stroking my pussy, I'm, probably sat in a coffee shop somewhere, over thinking, going a bit mad, well, madder. When I think, I doodle and sketch shit pretty automatically and keep doodling until I fill the page and then I start all over again.

When I look back at these often messy doodles, there is often a theme running through them. What you see on the page is what is perhaps worrying me or annoying me or pleasing me or ...... you can see where I'm going with this ....... at the time. Doodling helps me phase out a bit, calm down, find some mindful moments and channel things a bit more peacefully in my mind. It slows my hellishly noisy mind down a bit. It helps. A lot.

I'm not a particularly gifted illustrator at all but it is what it is. It's my style and that's okay. It also keeps me out of the pub! Can't drink beer 'n' sketch. Nup.

I will post some of those random moments here in this blog post them under the appropiate catorgarries . I'll update this post every now and then with more images and waffle.


Oil. I had bush on my mind! I'll let you analyse this one for yourself. Those who know, know.

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