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My new ruffroot blog starting Jan 2018. IdiotTheWise : a new project.

Is anyone there? Probably not! Oh well. Not to worry. Anyway, this is the beginning of my new ruffroot blog project starting now, January 2018. My ruffroot thing has changed shape to fit with my ever changing strange life. From here on in ruffrootcreative online will be more of a blog thing rather than an a gallery shop type thing, that wasn't working anyway so fuck it, I'll turn my mind towards a blog idea I've wanted to do for some time. A blog about creativity, mental health, my battle with BPD, depression and anxiety and the much unacknowledged silver lining to those struggles, the upside. Yes, there is an upside on the other side of the downside!

This blog will act as a place I can practice some creative writing, some amateur journo' stuff and share some of my visual art creative endeavours as and when I can be bothered. Far less pressure than the previous ruffroot thing. I will build another shop soon though, a small, simple affair for those mugs that might want to actually spend real money on some of my real rubbish. My rubbish is getting better though. IT IS you bastards!

Tonight I will start writing my first blog entry about BPD. A subject I feel need to tackle in writing and in public, openly and honestly and I will share these blog entries with mental health forums online to encourage engagement and discussion and perhaps do my small bit to help break down the stigma and utter misunderstandings that are massively and often unfairly attached to these "labels" and help educate those that do not understand BPD but would like too and to offer a sneak peek into the mind of a bloke living with treatment resistant BPD and depression challenges. It'll be a frank and heavy ride but I hope it will be informative and in places, a bit of laugh, y'know, take the piss a bit, like ya do. That's allowed too.

Right! Lets crack on with this then

Next entry tomorrow then I'll try my best to make a weekly rant.


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