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Welcome to the ramshackle RuffRootCreative site, blog and new RuffRoot apparel brand in development.


An art, photography and sculpture enthusiast. This is where I complile and record some of the fruits of my creative moments online and some of my mistakes too boot! Mistakes are important. This is a blog as much as anything else. My work is born from the pure love of organicaly creating, the joy of working with materials, digital tools and random ideas, free from the shaping of institutional and art world critique. Pretty much self taught, therefore, I hope that my work appeals directly, visually, in a naive playful way. A bit Heath Robbinson in my approach, by design, sometimes it works, and when it does, it works well. One hopes ;) .





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Raw Intuitive Outsider arts, craft and creative photography inspired by the green fuse that flows through the life force of the human soul.

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Copyright of all artworks and designs on this website is retained by RuffRootCreative and Mark Cummins. Reproduction, modification or distribution in any form of artworks and designs on this website is strictly forbidden without prior written consent of the owner of such propriety rights. ©

outsider art


(Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) art produced by untutored artists working by themselves and for themselves.


The development of the awareness of forms of creative expression that exist outside accepted cultural norms or the realm of "fine art", began with the researches of psychiatrists early in the century.


Commissions Happily Undertaken

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ANY image you see and like can be purchased as a print, canvas, tee shirt, mug, you name it, in pretty much ANY format really and delivered straight to your door within a week unless stated otherwise. If any image you would like in print is not listed in the shop, contact us here at RRC and any prints can be arranged.  I also accept commissions, including sculpture commissions.


Intuitive Outsider

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Components of Hologram Moon  I - a project in progress - directly hand carved cinder stone

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An extra R



A photo posted by Paff La Girafe (@pafflagirafe) on

Xibalba - directly hand carved Purbeck stone wall plaque

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Oort Belt on canvas

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Azinko - Debut.


Empty Shop Front Window Large Format Vinyls For Arnewood Estates.



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RRC support this lot becasue the NHS mental health system is a disgrace.


Coastal View commissioned for The Cube Cafe Bar, derby, UK.

Top Sellers!

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Work In Progress.

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Garden Sculptures by commission.

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Yellow Legs - a work in progress.

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Study sketch for potential new piece.

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Music is a must!

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