This is where I share some of my photographic efforts. I have a very basic kit, as in a few very old analogue bodies and a couple of old canon digital bodies and some old lenses and bits of glass, nothing expensive.


My favourite bits of kit our my home made pinhole cameras and my hand spliced and re-engineered lenses and my bits and bobs of old lomography stuff.


I do my best with what I have at the moment and I like to experiment and make mistakes and some times the odd exciting happy accident that takes me by suprise.


Photography is a big love coupled with cycling and exploring with a camera or two.

Intuitive Outsider Photography


So far this prism lens project has been purley in the experimental phases. I have some trips planned to visit some henges and historic ruins and some very ambient derelicts in Germany. So I will get more creative and put this lens to more exciting use soon enough. I also have some new glass cut, different colours and I will be experimenting with different colour lighting. Soon.


No photoshop is used to create this colourful multi layered effect. There are some edits though in some images for effect. Cuz I'm allowed! Ha!  But thsoe are pretty obvious.

11857688_10207936450715665_482955340_n 3lcd under-construction-logo

Lot's more to be added soon!

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