The Cosmos Is In The Flower - digital capture

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This is where I share some of my photographic efforts. I have a very basic kit, as in a few very old analogue bodies and a couple of old canon digital bodies and some old lenses and bits of glass, nothing expensive. My favourite bits of kit our my home made pinhole cameras and my hand spliced and re-engineered lenses and my bits and bobs of old lomography stuff. I do my best with what I have at the moment and I like to experiment and make mistakes and some times the odd exciting happy accident that takes me by suprise. Photography is a big love coupled with cycling and exploring with a camera or two.

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A picture is a secret about a secret

Intuitive Outsider Photography

Elements - Observations

EXIF data available by request

download (1) Forest11887


“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

― Ansel Adams

So far this prism lens project has been purley in the experimental phases. I have some trips planned to visit some henges and historic ruins and some very ambient derelicts in Germany. So I will get more creative and put this lens to more exciting use soon enough. I also have some new glass cut, different colours and I will be experimenting with different colour lighting. Soon.


No photoshop, bar the odd crop here and there has been used in these image effects. It is all in the lens and camera!

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“ You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.


– William Albert Allard


Copyright 2017 on all artworks and designs on this website is retained by RuffRootCreative/Mark Cummins. © 2017

EXIF data available by request

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The true method of knowledge is experiment.


(William Blake)

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Capture of the month 1

Gentle Wisdom


“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

― Marc Riboud


Pro' prints for sale.

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“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”


― Marc Riboud

I Sit on the Pier


I sit on the pier

with you beside me

your arm round my shoulder

your mirror shades

reflecting the sky

Oh, freedom!

embrace me again under this miracle sun

Total Abandon - a project in progress

Why did you return?

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Canvas and Framed Prints:


Durdle Door Blue, Green,Blue, Black and white - the larger images clockwise order.

Durdle Door Pink- the middle small image.

Durdle Door Digital Pinhole - the bottom small black and white one.



Cosmos Blooming

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A growing collection of images from a derelict location.

Zorbanular - framed print, an analogue capture inside a zorb over a puddle refection. No photoshopery. Ilford XP400 super film and pentax K7.  

Mudeford Hues II - a digital capture at Mudeford Bay.

Montage. Various snippetrs from a lomg cycle around the New Forest taking photos of aan area of my favourite woodland from the back and front perpectives, or vice versa on an old single use kodak snap camera I bought for 25p in Flogit and Legit junk shop! Developed at home with a broken enlarger. Montaged on a freeware photo editor. Cutting edge photography!

Visions On The Moor - a top seller @ RRC.

Cover image for Big Als jazz guitar E.P. called Scorch

Two lil mice in the mouth of the monster.

Home Time - a lovely evening in the Peak District

A photographic design for the Night Jar pub in Ferndown for their cocktail bar or the Jar Bar.


Digital pin hole capture. Guess where? 

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A1 home made box framed print for customer - Mudeford Hooley.

One Little Birdy - cynotype kit capture. Can you spot the bird. Wood Pecker I think.


© 2017

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A walk along the shore


Walk down the cliff, to see this sight,

The wind does blow, but sky is bright.

Travel is but short, yet so very steep,

The memory of it, I will always keep.


As I progress along, the heights I despise,

So far below me, stands my true prize.

The hill walk back, I wish to forget,

With high vantage point, shot I must get.


I'm struck with awe, the sight before me,

Of Jurassic times past, gateway to the sea.

The famous arched rock, that I stand before,

A natural formed arch, they call Durdle Door.


Never will I see, such an amazing view,

Something I do wish, every body could do.

The waves do encircle, feel my spirit rise,

How one little place, makes me come alive.

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Jars of Dreams.

Luxury Suite 2

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Best live music venue in Bournemouth

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Grooves - Some local talent to Boscombe, UK. More to come.

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