Schein Eule


Glow owl sculptures for the garden (or indoors)  made by commission


  • any size sculpture can be made

  • any concept, owls, cats, abstract, etc

  • internal glow (candle or electric pat tested)

  • ecologicaly friendly - upcycled materials

  • delivery by courier, local delivery free by van, or collect

  • enquire below to commission a sculpture :)

* Required

Directly hand carved cinder block, inspired by global owl myth-symbologies.


This page is updated regularly

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More glow owls and glow sculptures to be added soon. I'm still buidling this page, slooowly.

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Electric (PAT tested) motion sensetive lights can be installed inside any given sculpture like this one here. Customer has two in drive way that helps him when reversing in with his van. Practical.

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