By ruffrootcreative, Nov 4 2016 10:02PM

I am Currently Exhibiting @ Unit 1 with the GEX team Boscombe through 'till the end of November, perhaps longer. A great group show, allsorts of quality art. Take a look :) Flyer below but take not that dates have been extended, obviously. Oh, I have some pinhole images and sculpture in there and I will add more next week, 7/11/16. :)

By ruffrootcreative, Mar 21 2016 09:47PM

I am currently working on (along side 3 other projects) a series of water colour, ink and mono print with scan and digital edit finish for large format prints of deep sea fish creatures. The original non digital treated pieces are being donated to SAS (Surf Against Sewerage) towards an art auction event to raise funds for the BIG SPRING BEACH CLEAN week.

Once this project is done, framed prints and canvas prints will be available to buy in the RuffRoot shop.

By ruffrootcreative, Nov 30 2014 06:05AM

Still growing, still changing .... almost done.

Intuitive Outsider Raw sculpture @ by Mark Cummins

By ruffrootcreative, Nov 15 2014 12:32AM

Gallery on the art index here Just so any one that actually bothers to read my inane pointless blog knows. This gallery will grow in the hope that some fucker actually buys my bonkers art. There HAS to be some mug out there surley?!


By ruffrootcreative, Sep 3 2014 01:25AM

fourth dimension



Physics, Mathematics. a dimension in addition to length, width, and depth, used so as to be able to employ geometrical language in discussing phenomena that depend on four variables:

Time is considered a fourth dimension for locating points in space-time.


something beyond the kind of normal human experience that can be explained scientifically:

The story deals with ESP and other excursions into the fourth dimension.

You can't invent a design. You recognise it, in the fourth dimension. That is, with your blood...

D.H. Lawrence

By ruffrootcreative, Jul 3 2014 01:00AM

5th dimensional language (orbs and spheres)

Feels like I'm getting nowhere with this one, between a million other projects/work/sleep/life/pimping (that ones not true). But, I am .... very slooowly. Tomorow, after I have finished a table, I get back on this.@ The Factory Studios . Persist. That I will.

By ruffrootcreative, Jun 30 2013 12:34AM

Just a few of images of the making process of the Maori Deity sculpture ....if you're interested? ;)

untitledf2 logo1 download (1) grungy-watercolor-textures-2 Facebook circle blue large