By ruffrootcreative, Aug 26 2016 08:35PM

Flyer design for a night of old sKool rave at 4 different venues across Dorset. Commissioned by Rave Nation with a brief to design a feel good old sKool type rave design for a flyer with lots of glow type colour and NO photography. This is it. Signed off. Sorted.

By ruffrootcreative, Jun 6 2016 04:15PM

I am still working on my moon structuresconcept in sculpture and illustration. Eventualy, one day I'll have a cohesive installation to exhibit somewhere, maybe on the moon.

Like I say this very much a work in progress and in a constant organic state of flux and change. Like the moon. Perhaps. Or is it?

For a clearer idea of my concept and inspiration for this project, simply type in to google (other search engines are available!), LO-III-84-M, and see where it takes you.

Follow the white rabbit.

By ruffrootcreative, Mar 30 2016 09:35AM

I am tweaking my RGB prism lens to try and get sharper captures and sort the point of focus issues out for each aperture, all three of them. Tricky.

Anyway, whilst playing I have studies the Royal Arcade a bit more with this lens as it's local and an awesome under utilised Victorian arcade.

My next project with this lens needs to be somewhere majestic, like Salisbury Catherdral or Stoner Henge.


No photoshop apart from crops, watermarks and the odd slight diffuse are used in these images, no colour tricks, no layering, nothing. It's all in the lens and camera. Want to know more about the lens? Contact me :)


By ruffrootcreative, Jul 14 2015 12:01AM

This is a blog entry about Herkunft, a mixed stone and metal carving/assemlage that is now currently on show at the Factory Studios collective exhibition at the Lighthouse in Poole, Dorset, UK.

This piece was a slow burn project, made between other bread and butter tasks. This piece was inspired by my interest in paleontology and origin of species and my curriosity around christianity and stories of creationism and it's unlogical, unfounded rationale, I think! The fish represents Chritsian symbology and the style of the sculpture represents paleontology, fossils, relics. Having faith rooted in Christianity and having the intelligence to know that the Christian stories of creationism are just that, stories or analogy and metaphore. Those that take these stories as gospel are deluded. I think! I find a currious existential, nagging, internal argument in my head, a conflict, continuously locked in debate. Almost a moral debate. I have faith in a bigger, higher intelligence. Rooted in Christ. However, I also have faith in science and the scientific study of evolution. Creationism is insane. Isn't it? But something still nags in the back of my mind...... What if I'm wrong?

This sculpture comes out of that debate as well of course, just the sheer joy of working in these reclaimed materials. These materials are all reclaimed, mainly from Durlston Castle when there were repairs and upgrades in progress. Even the pebble stones are from coast below the castle.

I will add more images, especialy from the show in Poole as soon as I have done the crop edits. Please check back!

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