By ruffrootcreative, Nov 4 2016 10:02PM

I am Currently Exhibiting @ Unit 1 with the GEX team Boscombe through 'till the end of November, perhaps longer. A great group show, allsorts of quality art. Take a look :) Flyer below but take not that dates have been extended, obviously. Oh, I have some pinhole images and sculpture in there and I will add more next week, 7/11/16. :)

By ruffrootcreative, Aug 26 2016 08:35PM

Flyer design for a night of old sKool rave at 4 different venues across Dorset. Commissioned by Rave Nation with a brief to design a feel good old sKool type rave design for a flyer with lots of glow type colour and NO photography. This is it. Signed off. Sorted.

By ruffrootcreative, Jun 6 2016 04:15PM

I am still working on my moon structuresconcept in sculpture and illustration. Eventualy, one day I'll have a cohesive installation to exhibit somewhere, maybe on the moon.

Like I say this very much a work in progress and in a constant organic state of flux and change. Like the moon. Perhaps. Or is it?

For a clearer idea of my concept and inspiration for this project, simply type in to google (other search engines are available!), LO-III-84-M, and see where it takes you.

Follow the white rabbit.

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