By ruffrootcreative, Jul 26 2016 10:59PM

FREE stock images being added all week long (probably for the next couple of weeks) until another instalment of free stuff later this year.

FREE stock images, licence free, for anything, for anyone:

Few examples below.


By ruffrootcreative, Jul 3 2016 07:22PM

Nibiru is on it's way. It's the sign in sky of the return of Christ. Or so some would have you believe. Google the subject if you do not know about the hysteria already. Is there anything in it? It is an odd one.

This image below is an unedited prism lens capture. I like this one. :)

By ruffrootcreative, Jun 6 2016 04:15PM

I am still working on my moon structuresconcept in sculpture and illustration. Eventualy, one day I'll have a cohesive installation to exhibit somewhere, maybe on the moon.

Like I say this very much a work in progress and in a constant organic state of flux and change. Like the moon. Perhaps. Or is it?

For a clearer idea of my concept and inspiration for this project, simply type in to google (other search engines are available!), LO-III-84-M, and see where it takes you.

Follow the white rabbit.

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