By ruffrootcreative, Jun 16 2017 10:23PM

I've been helping my old mucker out, Graham AKA Basic Blues Jones.

I have his website up and running, a simple affair to reflect his simple straight forward brash style of bashing out the blues and his own brand of blues folk balladry.

An ever growing collection of songs and videos are up on the site with a whole new album coming and streaming online very soon on his new site.

I will try and list dates that geaham is playing but they are often randon in nature and often last minute unorganised decisions! But do check to see his ever grwoing regular slots listed.

Basic Blues jones will be playing lytchet Matravers village fare on Saturday the 17th July.

Please check the website @


M and G.

By ruffrootcreative, Nov 4 2016 10:02PM

I am Currently Exhibiting @ Unit 1 with the GEX team Boscombe through 'till the end of November, perhaps longer. A great group show, allsorts of quality art. Take a look :) Flyer below but take not that dates have been extended, obviously. Oh, I have some pinhole images and sculpture in there and I will add more next week, 7/11/16. :)

By ruffrootcreative, Aug 26 2016 08:35PM

Flyer design for a night of old sKool rave at 4 different venues across Dorset. Commissioned by Rave Nation with a brief to design a feel good old sKool type rave design for a flyer with lots of glow type colour and NO photography. This is it. Signed off. Sorted.

By ruffrootcreative, Aug 17 2016 08:47PM

RuffRootCreative is on selling quality clobber! Just being creative and pro-active. If I design stuff and take pictures and all of that carry on, I may as well try and do something with it all. This way I may be able to claw back a few quid towards materials etc. So far so good. Made some sales. Happy customers. This time next year, I'll be a millionaire ..... rodders! (zimbabwe dollars).

Please have a look at my redbubble shop:

or via

I chose redbubble upon researching all the alternatives and redbubble come up trumps in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction, return policies and artist/designer support. They're good.

I will be working with Vida Fashion too soon. The shop is being set up now, bit by bit. Updates will be posted soon.

It's all good fun.

Thanks for reading. Buy my stuff .... I need your money! ;)

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